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Nutritional Guidance

Nurturing your body with proper nutrition is essential to getting the best results when working out.  You could spend countless hours reading through scientific studies and the latest trendy books on diet, but the overwhelm of information and trying to create something specific for your own body can be very difficult and frustrating. Toss in the additional complexities that arise if you have a medical condition that requires a very specific eating plan, and you may just feel like giving up. Our nutrition experts will provide you with a plan that’s specific to your body and overall needs.

Vargus Fitness Approach includes:


Consultation & Assessment


We'll build a personal profile that includes information such as your current eating habits as well as measurements of body fat, weight, body mass and more.  Additional assessments are taking regularly to track your progress.


Nutrition Counseling 


Our certified nutrition coach will develop a personalized research driven, nutrition plan just for you!  We keep up to date with the latest research to create you the best possible program!


Ongoing Support


We're here for you each step of the way and will guide you though any challenges that arise.



Results Tracking


We will continually monitor and when needed, adjust your program to ensure that you never stop reaching your goals.



620 N. Jefferson Ave.
Lindenhurst, NY 11757

Tel: (516) 322-0860

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