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Become A Fat Burning Machine

How To Burn More Fat With HIIT: Workout Included

I hear so many girls in the health and fitness industry talking about weight loss supplements and pre workout drinks to get fat off the body. But want to know a secret? You don’t need to take unhealthy weight loss supplements to effectively burn fat. One of my favorite sayings in life is “work smarter not harder”, which is exactly why HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is one of my favorite ways to workout. HIIT is so effective at melting fat off the body and you don’t need to spend hours at the gym either to do it. In my new F.I.T. program I have included HIIT workouts just for that reason. So many people avoid working out because they can’t see where they can find the time to do it. Well if you are time poor then HIIT is definitely for you.

Why HIIT is good? Unlike LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio, HIIT has shown that not only do you burn calories during exercise, but you continue to do so for hours after, turning your body into the ultimate fat burning machine. That is because you because you create metabolic changes in your body making that will make you burn fat more efficiently. HIIT raises your natural metabolism so you’re burning fat for hours after your workout and allows your fat burning hormones to work for you rather than against you. This is known more specifically as ‘EPOC’ (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) and often called the ‘afterburn’ effect. Clinical studies have found that HIIT - exercising for short intervals, with rests between exercises – helps to produce this effect and in turn helps you lose body fat faster. See now why I love it so much.

How to use HIIT in your workout routine? There are two ways you can use HIIT in your workout routine. I like to use HIIT as a way of training when I’m short on time and need a quick effective workout. I’ve been travelling a lot recently so HIIT has been perfect for that. With a lot of HIIT workouts you don’t need any equipment as it can be based on body weight movement, meaning you can do them anywhere at anytime. So guess what I’ve been doing in my hotel rooms recently. The second way to use HIIT is straight after you strength/weight training. This will turn your body into the ultimate fat burning machine, not just during the workout but for hours after. Please be careful though to not over do it with HIIT training, as it can be very draining on the body. Stick to 2-3 HIIT workouts a week.

Here’s one of my favorite quick ten-minute fat blasting HIIT workouts. This is my go to when I need to get my heart rate up and an effective workout done when I’m pressed for time. There is no equipment needed and a great total body workout.

HIIT 10 minute fat blaster

Warm-up: Jog on the spot for 10 seconds High knees for 10 seconds

Complete 3 sets back to back Rest 60 seconds Complete 3 rounds (9 sets of each exercise in total).

Workout instructions: Complete one minute of maximum reps of the following exercises. Keep rest between exercises to 20 seconds or less, and repeat all exercises twice.On the second set of each exercise, aim to get within 10% of your first set total e.g. if you got 50 squats in set

1, aim to get at least 45 in set 2

1. Push-ups 2. Bodyweight squats 3. Shuttle runs (run up and back 10m) 4. Crunches (legs in the air, aim to touch your toes)

I’ve spent years training at the gym and working out the best techniques and methods to tone, sulpt and melt fat off the body. HIIT has to be one of the best styles of training I’ve come across. I guarantee you, if you do this quick ten minute blaster you will be feeling it in your whole body.

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